Ista Mass Construction Industries Co

Ista group of companies was formed in 1994 with the establishment of Ista Steel Structures Company in Tehran (Parand Industrial Town) with the support of 25 years of experience of its managers in the field of construction and implementation of construction projects, both industrial and construction. Simultaneously with the activity of the above company, investing and managing the implementation of numerous residential, office and mass building projects in Mashhad and Tehran has been one of the other activities of Ista Company..

ساخت و ساز در کمترین زمان

Our History

We have a long history

Established in Tehran

Establishment and start of work of Ista Group in Tehran

Production and implementation of LSF

Starting the production and implementation of LSF style structure and establishing a manufacturing plant in Chenaran industrial town in line with the industrialization of construction.

The goal and horizon of the development plan

Industrialization of construction with the approach of using new and earthquake-resistant materials and structures in the country

Start of activity in Mashhad

Establishment of Ista Mass construction industry company in Mashhad by obtaining a rating in construction fields and a mass construction license


The development plan of the factory and production unit of the LSF structure

Management Team

About Company

Eng. Ahmad Rezazadeh

Chairman of the board and technical director of the company

About Company

Eng. Hamidreza Shahidi

CEO and member of board of directors

About Company

Eng. Majid Shahidi

Senior manager of Ista group of companies