False Ceiling:

The false ceiling is a type of covering to create the decoration of the main ceiling, which has found a special place in interior architecture. The false ceiling is installed under the main roof, which is why false ceilings are also known as the second ceiling. This cover is connected to the skeleton of the building (main roof and walls). And the main structure bears its load.

One of the important features of these types of ceilings is creating decorative lighting that creates a decorative and pleasant atmosphere.

Among the most important applications of false ceilings, two important cases can be mentioned. First, it has a significant impact on the interior decoration of a house or an office environment. Second, it covers all kinds of installation systems.

There are different types of false ceilings, among which dry false ceilings are the most popular. This type of false ceilings consists of a mostly metal infrastructure and plaster or PVC layer.

Among the advantages of dry false ceiling, the following can be mentioned:

  1. High implementation speed
  2. Being economical and less expensive
  3. Reducing material waste and transportation costs
  4. Ability to implement sound and thermal insulation
  5. Greater safety during earthquakes
  6. And much more…

Due to the advantages of dry false ceiling and the industrial nature of this system, the production unit of Ista Mass Construction Industries Company produces all the metal parts required for the implementation of this type of ceiling, and the commercial unit also produces other required materials, including plaster, screws, nails, etc. It prepares and supplies for the well-being of customers.
Also, the executive unit has implemented a wide range of commercial, residential and administrative projects with the support of production and commercial units as well as experienced executive groups, and is ready to implement any order from the esteemed employers.